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Gatsby Advanced Starter

A starter skeleton with advanced features for Gatsby.

NOTE: This branch contains Gatsby 3 compatible version of the starter. To get the Gatsby v2 compatible version, use the v2 branch. To get the Gatsby v1 compatible version, use the v1 branch.

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Check out the Features to read about all Progressive Web App capabilities of this starter in detail.


This project aims to provide a minimal base for building advanced GatsbyJS powered websites.

It doesn't define any UI limitations in any way and only gives you the basic components for SEO/Social Media/etc while creating a comfortable development environment to get started.

You are free to use any UI framework/styling options.

How can I use this?

If you are a newcomer to Gatsby who's interested in the implementations of most needed features, this is a great place to start.

If you are interested in a foundation for building ultra-fast websites, you can use this project as a "minimal" starter.

Demo website.


  • Gatsby v3 support
  • Blazing fast loading times thanks to pre-rendered HTML and automatic chunk loading of JS files
  • Posts in Markdown
    • Code syntax highlighting
    • Embed YouTube videos
    • Embed Tweets
  • Pagination
    • Configurable via SiteConfig.js
  • Tags
    • Separate page for posts under each tag
  • Categories
    • Separate page for posts under each category
  • Disqus support
    • Notifications about new disqus comments
  • /static/ and content folders are available to use with gatsby-image out of the box for optimized image generation
  • High configurability
  • Separate components for everything:
    • User social profiles
    • Copyright information
    • More!
  • NetlifyCMS support out of the box
  • PWA features
    • Offline support
    • Web App Manifest support
    • Loading progress for slow networks
  • SEO
  • RSS feeds
  • Social features
    • Twitter tweet button
    • Facebook share/share count
    • Reddit share/share count
    • LinkedIn share button
    • Telegram share button
  • Development tools

NOTE: Feel free to check out Gatsby Material Starter if you are interested in a more opinionated starter with Material Design in mind.

Getting Started

Install this starter by running the following commands from your CLI:

gatsby new YourProjectName
cd YourProjectName
npm run develop # or gatsby develop

Note that the Gatsby CLI needs to be installed and updated for the gatsby command to work.

Alternatively you can fork the project, make your changes and merge new upstream features when needed:

  • Fork this repository on GitHub

  • Run the following commands:

    git clone${YourUsername}/${YourForkName} YourForkName # Clone your fork
    cd YourForkName
    npm install # or yarn install
    npm run develop # or yarn develop


Edit the export object in data/SiteConfig:

module.exports = {
  siteTitle: "Gatsby Advanced Starter", // Site title.
  siteTitleShort: "GA Starter", // Short site title for homescreen (PWA). Preferably should be under 12 characters to prevent truncation.
  siteTitleAlt: "GatsbyJS Advanced Starter", // Alternative site title for SEO.
  siteLogo: "/logos/logo-1024.png", // Logo used for SEO and manifest.
  siteUrl: "", // Domain of your website without pathPrefix.
  pathPrefix: "/", // Prefixes all links. For cases when deployed to
  siteDescription: "A GatsbyJS starter with Advanced design in mind.", // Website description used for RSS feeds/meta description tag.
  siteRss: "/rss.xml", // Path to the RSS file.
  siteRssTitle: "Gatsby Advanced Starter RSS feed", // Title of the RSS feed
  siteFBAppID: "1825356251115265", // FB Application ID for using app insights
  googleAnalyticsID: "UA-47311644-5", // GA tracking ID.
  disqusShortname: "https-vagr9k-github-io-gatsby-advanced-starter", // Disqus shortname.
  dateFromFormat: "YYYY-MM-DD", // Date format used in the frontmatter.
  dateFormat: "DD/MM/YYYY", // Date format for display.
  postsPerPage: 4, // Amount of posts displayed per listing page. Set to zero to disable paging. See the "Pagination" section.
  userName: "Advanced User", // Username to display in the author segment.
  userEmail: "", // Email used for RSS feed's author segment
  userTwitter: "", // Optionally renders "Follow Me" in the UserInfo segment.
  userLocation: "North Pole, Earth", // User location to display in the author segment.
  userAvatar: "", // User avatar to display in the author segment.
    "Yeah, I like animals better than people sometimes... Especially dogs. Dogs are the best. Every time you come home, they act like they haven't seen you in a year. And the good thing about dogs... is they got different dogs for different people.", // User description to display in the author segment.
  // Links to social profiles/projects you want to display in the author segment/navigation bar.
  userLinks: [
      label: "GitHub",
      url: "",
      iconClassName: "fa fa-github",
      label: "Twitter",
      url: "",
      iconClassName: "fa fa-twitter",
      label: "Email",
      url: "",
      iconClassName: "fa fa-envelope",
  copyright: "Copyright © 2019. Advanced User", // Copyright string for the footer of the website and RSS feed.
  themeColor: "#c62828", // Used for setting manifest and progress theme colors.
  backgroundColor: "#e0e0e0", // Used for setting manifest background color.

If want to customize Netlify CMS, e.g. registering custom widgets or styling the preview pane, you can do so by editing src/netlifycms/index.js:

import CMS from "netlify-cms-app";

  config: {
    backend: {
      name: "git-gateway",

You can also optionally set pathPrefix:

module.exports = {
  // Note: it must *not* have a trailing slash.
  pathPrefix: "/gatsby-advanced-starter", // Prefixes all links. For cases when deployed to

WARNING: Make sure to edit static/robots.txt to include your domain for the sitemap!


By default the starter will show 4 posts per page. The landing page is the first page located on / (controlled by the Listing component).

You can control the amount of posts via SiteConfig by setting the postsPerPage: ${NUMBER}.

NOTE: You can also disable the pagination by setting the postsPerPage: 0. In this case the landing page will be controlled by the Landing component.


First of all, make sure to edit static/admin/config.yml and add your GitHub/GitLab/NetlifyId credentials:

  name: github # Refer to for auth backend list and instructions
  branch: master # Branch to update
  repo: vagr9k/gatsby-material-starter # Repo for pushing new commits. Make sure to replace with your repo!

You can visit /admin/ after and will be greeted by a login dialog (depending on the auth provider you ave chosen above).

For NetlifyCMS specific issues visit the official documentation.


Ruben Harutyunyan (@Vagr9K)