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Incorrect json attr documentation #28

rmahnovetsky opened this Issue · 1 comment

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On the page it say this
// omit attr if not needed; the attr object gets passed to the jQuery attr function
4 "attr" : { "id" : "node_identificator", "some-other-attribute" : "attribute_value" },

but that does not work for me... I found this doco in the code

// you can manipulate the output
> { "title" : "The title of the parsed node", "li_attr" : { "id" : "id_for_li" }, "a_attr" : { "href" : "" } }

So adding the following to my code I was able to set the id of the li "li_attr" : { "id" : "id_for_li" }.

Can you please update the doco if the attr does not work anymore.



I believe you are reading the docs for pre1.0, but using 1.0. Use the docs provided with the source :)

@vakata vakata closed this
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