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Quasar Framework starter kit using Go and Gin
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Stanislav Valasek
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Go / Gin / Quasar Framework Starter Kit


    ✓ Allows you to start server on HTTPS / HTTP

    ✓ Includes file download example

    ✓ Includes file upload example

DB support can be added via go/db or e.g. via gorm- Gorm

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Go, Gin web framework, Vue, Quasar

Go Backend

JS Frontend


Getting Started

Step 1. Clone the latest version of Go / Gin / Quasar Framework Starter Kit on your local machine by running:

$ git clone -o quasar-starter-kit-go-gin -b master --single-branch MyApp
$ cd MyApp


Step 2. Install project dependencies listed in client/package.json files:

$ cd client
$ npm install                   # Install Node.js dependencies

or using Yarn:

$ yarn install                   # Install Node.js dependencies

Step 3. Launch your web app:

$ quasar dev                      # Compile and lanch the app, the same as running: npm dev or yarn dev

The app should become available at http://localhost:8080/. See client/package.json for other available commands such as quasar build etc.


Step 4. Launch your server:

$ cd ../server
$ go run quasar-starter-kit-go-gin.go server    # Will install required Go packages and run the server in dev mode

The server will listen on http://localhost:3000/.

How to Update

You can always fetch and merge the latest changes from this (upstream) repo back into your project by running:

$ git checkout master
$ git fetch quasar-starter-kit-go-gin
$ git merge quasar-starter-kit-go-gin/master 

How to Contribute

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. The best way to start is by checking our open issues, submit a new issues or feature request, participate in discussions, upvote or downvote the issues you like or dislike, send pull requests.

Get in Touch

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Copyright © 2019-present Stanislav Valasek. This source code is licensed under the MIT

Made by Stanislav Valasek @valasek

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