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IlCallo commented Sep 22, 2021

Describe the bug
When createUploaderComponent has been created, emits specification only described the usage as an array (eg. ['update:label', 'change']), later on they added the ability to provide an object for stricter type checking and validation, very much like props.
Currently createUploaderComponent only supports emits as an array and props as an object


mnixry commented Apr 8, 2021

In many node editor, the connections between nodes are mostly curves rather than straight lines
Visually, this can achieve better results. Can you consider using Bezier curves, etc. instead of the current straight line connection?

There are some examples:

  • Github workflow preview:
  • [

quasar-sika-design让世界没有难写的代码,Quasar Sika Design 是一个企业级中后台前端 / 设计解决方案,中后台管理模板,我们秉承 Ant Design 的设计价值观,致力于在设计规范和基础组件的基础上,继续向上构建,提炼出典型模板 / 业务组件 / 配套设计资源,进一步提升企业级中后台产品设计研发过程中的『用户』和『设计者』的体验。

  • Updated Jun 4, 2021
  • Vue

A complete starter kit that allows you create amazing apps that look native thanks to the Quasar Framework. Powered by an API developed in Laravel Framework using the easy GraphQL queries language. And ready to use the Google Firebase features.

  • Updated Aug 16, 2020
  • PHP

A simple app skeleton to try to make every components work together : symfony 5.* (latest stable at the date, but work with sf 4 and 3.3+ if you pull the right tag), symfony/flex, webpack-encore, vuejs 2.5.x, boostrap 4 sass

  • Updated Sep 29, 2021
  • PHP

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