A plugin for Framework7 that displays a swipeable welcome screen to guide the user through a tutorial
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Framework7 Plugin Welcomescreen

Just a quick plugin for Framework 7

This will display a fullscreen swipeable modal window to guide the user through a welcome screen (as requested here http://www.idangero.us/framework7/forum/#!/framework7/feature-requests%23request-centered-large-mod).

(Note: There is also a generic version that does not rely on Framework7 available here: https://github.com/valnub/welcomescreen-mobile)


Welcome screen

Live demo



1) Copy welcomescreen.css and welcomescreen.js to your project and reference them:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="welcomescreen.css">
<script src="welcomescreen.js"></script>

2) Define slides

var welcomescreen_slides = [
    id: 'slide0',
    picture: '<div class="tutorialicon">♥</div>',
    text: 'Welcome to this tutorial. In the next steps we will guide you through a manual that will teach you how to use this app.'
    id: 'slide1',
    picture: '<div class="tutorialicon">✲</div>',
    text: 'This is slide 2'
    id: 'slide2',
    picture: '<div class="tutorialicon">♫</div>',
    text: 'This is slide 3'
    id: 'slide3',
    picture: '<div class="tutorialicon">☆</div>',
    text: 'Thanks for reading! Enjoy this app.<br><br><a id="tutorial-close-btn" href="#">End Tutorial</a>'


  • id Set an id for this slide
  • picture Set free html here
  • text You can set html here but I recommend using just plain text

3) Initialize & options

var myapp = new Framework7();
var options = {
  'bgcolor': '#0da6ec',
  'fontcolor': '#fff'
var welcomescreen = myapp.welcomescreen(welcomescreen_slides, options);

Available options (if not set, default will be used)

  • bgcolor Set background color
  • fontcolor Set font color
  • closeButton (Default: true) Enabled/disable close button
  • closeButtonText (Default: 'Skip') Close button text
  • cssClass (Default: '') Additional class on container
  • pagination (Default: true) Swiper pagination
  • loop (Default: false) Swiper loop
  • open (Default: true) Open welcome screen on init
  • onOpened (Default: none) Callback function when welcomescreen is opened
  • onClosed (Default: none) Callback function when welcomescreen is closed


The following methods are available on a welcomescreen instance

welcomescreen.open();         // Open the screen
welcomescreen.close();        // Closes it
welcomescreen.next();         // Go to next slide
welcomescreen.previous();     // Go to previous slide
welcomescreen.slideTo(i); // Go to slide with index i


Thanks to Vladi for improvements http://www.idangero.us

Made with <3 by www.timo-ernst.net

My YouTube channel about Framework7: http://youtube.com/xvalmar