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All-in-one integrated Website Builder, CMS, Online Store, Memberships, and Digital Marketing platform that grows with your business.

Platform Installation


Use Vanjaro Installer to create your next Vanjaro Site. Refer to Vanjaro Installation & Upgrade Video for step by step instructions.

A huge thanks to David Poindexter & nvQuickSite for Vanjaro Installer inspiration.

Manual Installation: Minimum requirements and installation steps are identical to DNN. Be sure to install either x86 or x64 depending on your environment. Refer to our Upgrade Guide to update your Vanjaro Site to the latest version.

Vanjaro for DNN

Vanjaro is also available as an extension for DNN. Use this option if you're installing on an existing DNN 9.9.1+ Site.

You may install Vanjaro as any other DNN Extension. Refer to Getting Started Video for step by step instructions. You may also upgrade Vanjaro as any other DNN Extension.

Vanjaro Improvement Program

Vanjaro uses Google Analytics (GA) to collect usage statistics and exceptions. The sole purpose is to identify how widely the product is used, which features are most important in course of future updates, and to quickly resolve most widespread errors. Vanjaro does not collect any personal data. location.hostname is automatically collected by Google Anlaytics (GA) and its sole purpose is to measure statistics on the usage.

You may opt-out of Vanjaro Improvement Program from Menu > Settings > Privacy > Improvement Program