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Good First Issue For Contributors #1461

Good First Issue For Contributors #1461
Sep 8, 2019 · 1 comment

Sep 8, 2019

Hi, if you are reading this is because you pretty likely don't know how to start 🤔 . Fair enough!

⚠️ Use the branch master and don't forget to [read the contribution guidelines])

So, let's work on that 🚸 !

Good First Issue Board

What should I know before starting?

All here we are developers, with different backgrounds, languages, and objectives. But, we must follow certain rules so we can understand each other and make communication easier as possible. Please 👍 read your code of conduct, long story short, just be nice with everybody around here.

  • Code guidelines: we enforce them using eslint, so you don't have to read a long list of rules, we love automation 🤖 .
  • Commit guidelines: We follow the semantic versioning approach, this is really important so your PR will appear on the Changelog 🎉 ! I guess you expect recognition and we will give it to you.

That's all you need to know before starting.

What can I do?

I'd assume you are completely lost 😩, that's fine! I was it when I get started on this. Let me help you.

If you are interested in Typescript in general, here some ideas you might help

If you are interested mostly in Front-End, we use React@17.x

  • Upgrade material-ui@5 #2612
    After migration there are few areas that also require some work, like the following:

    • Use autocomplete on language switch and get rid of packages/plugins/ui-theme/src/components/AutoComplete/AutoCompleteV2.tsx
    • After this migration we could improve the UI, add new features.
    • Get rid of MUI: adaptV4Theme() is deprecated. warning
    • Fix tons or warnings due migration (running tests, and possibly also in dev mode)
  • Migrate components to React Hooks

  • Increase component coverage (react-testing-library)

  • Move UI translations to crowdin

  • Add i18n to the UI

If you like Docker:

If you like Website:

If you like GitHub Actions:

In general, you might help with other things as:

  • Rename variable names 👍 if you consider is not well readable
  • Fix FIXME:// comments
  • Add new plugins for the community here ⚠️ we will add some guidelines on how to do it.
  • Fix // eslint-disable-next-line new-cap eslint inline comments
  • Add/Fix/Improve test to Verdaccio, here a complete guideline.

If you have any suggestions, just feel free to comment on this thread, or chat with me over Discord 🙃 , if you are shy I accept DM over Discord. Let's us help you to grow in Open Source.


🎉 We are ready for **Hacktoberfest 2020

Before PR

  • Keep the PR small as possible and one single topic for each
  • If you don't change the logic, then ignore modify the test if you don't need it


Nov 1, 2019
Maintainer Author

Thanks guys ! I will share soon the stats of contributions 🥳🥰

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