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Video is a DSL for describing videos. It is still under heavy development. The API is becoming more stable. Features may get deprecated, but will be marked well before remove. (See the file for details.) This ReadMe is for stable builds of video except for the Nightly Development Badges section.

Development Badges


Build Status Build status Coverage Status Scribble Project Stats


Build Status Coverage Status Scribble


Build Status Coverage Status Scribble


The video website can be found at


Before you can install Video, make sure you have Racket installed and in your operating systems, path.

The easiest way to install the stable version of the:w Video is with raco, which comes bundled with Racket simply run:

raco pkg install video

If you want a particular build of video, you could alternatively run:

raco pkg install video-<version>

Where is one of these versions. These versions are either Video releases or one of:

  • video - Stable Video. It is the most tested, and is set to the latest stable release.
  • video-testing - Less stable than video, but can still being developed. This branch is set to the latest released or pre-released version, including alphas, betas, and release candidates.
  • video-unstable - The least stable of the three main branches. This is the same as the master branch. It should build most of the time, but can occasnionally fail. If you are experiencing a bug, it may be fixed in this branch.

Finally, you can install video directly from the git repo. The master branch (video-unstable), is the default branch, but you can alternatively checkout different branches or tags. To install directly from the repo:

git clone
cd video
raco pkg install

You can optionally check out a different branch using git checkout.


To uninstall Video, run:

raco pkg remove video


You can find the latest releases for video on the video releases page. The master branch tends to be stable, but is not as thoroughly tested.


The Documentation for Video can be found at the Racket package server.

Bug reports

Bugs can be filed either anonymously or on Video's bug report tracker.


If you want to contribute to video, you can read the file.4