Publish a local directory to Oracle APEX
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APEX Publish Static Files

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Uploads all files from a local directory to Oracle APEX. Destination can be:

  • Application Static Files
  • Workspace Static Files
  • Theme Files
  • Plugin Files




npm install apex-publish-static-files


var publisher = require('apex-publish-static-files');

    connectString: "user/pass@server:port/sid",
    directory: "/Users/vmorneau/Documents/project/www",
    appID: 111


Name Type Default Description
sqlclPath string sql Path to SQLcl (example: /Users/vmorneau/sqlcl/bin/sql)
connectString string user/pass@server:port/sid
directory string Local directory that contains the files
appID numeric Application ID to export the files to
destination string Determines where the files should be uploaded in APEX (choices: application, workspace, theme, plugin)


Name Type Description
publish function Publishes the files to APEX


See changelog.


MIT © Vincent Morneau