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                           // Vim onoff //

                    on/off boolean options in Vim

    ~ What is it?

      Vim has a lot of different boolean options — `cursorline`,
      `number`, `list`, `spell`, etc. Toggle them *gracefully*.

      Plugin provides the `:Onoff` command to switch boolean options
      in Vim. After each turn option value shown at bottom of the

      Feel free to create a handy aliases for most used options:

      nnore <Leader>n :Onoff number<cr>
      nnore <Leader>p :Onoff paste<cr>
      nnore <Leader>s :Onoff spell<cr>

      For those who want to use `:Onoff` command explicitly, `:onoff`
      abbreviation is available. Abbreviation works on when 'onoff'
      is the first word on the command line.

      Note that `:Onoff` command has autocompletion for all available
      boolean options supported by your Vim distribution.

    ~ Installation

      * via pathogen.vim (

      cd ~/.vim/bundle
      git clone git://

      * via Vundle (

      Plugin 'vitalk/vim-onoff'

    ~ Contributing

      Don't hesitate to create a GitHub Issue
      ( if you have any
      bugs or suggestions.

    ~ Self-Promotion

      If you enjoy it follow repository on GitHub
      ( and vote for it on

    ~ License

      Copyright (c) by Vital Kudzelka.

      Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself.
      See `:help license`.