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A Go library for interacting with VMware vSphere APIs (ESXi and/or vCenter Server).

In addition to the vSphere API client, this repository includes:

  • govc - vSphere CLI
  • vcsim - vSphere API mock framework
  • toolbox - VM guest tools framework


This library supports vCenter Server and ESXi versions following the VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix.

Product versions that are end of support may work, but are not officially supported.


The APIs exposed by this library closely follow the API described in the VMware vSphere API Reference Documentation. Refer to the documentation to become familiar with the upstream API.

The code in the govmomi package is a wrapper for the code that is generated from the vSphere API description. It primarily provides convenience functions for working with the vSphere API. See for documentation.


Binaries and Docker Images for govc and vcsim

Installation instructions, released binaries, and Docker images are documented in the respective README files of govc and vcsim.


The project encourages the community to collaborate using GitHub issues, GitHub discussions, and Slack.

Note Access to Slack requires a free VMware {code} developer program membership.


Changes to the API are subject to semantic versioning.

Refer to the CHANGELOG for version to version changes.

Notable Projects Using govmomi

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govmomi is available under the Apache 2 License.


Pronounced: go·​v·​mom·​ie

Follows pyvmomi and rbvmomi: language prefix + the vSphere acronym "VM Object Management Infrastructure".