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# So you'd like to contribute to Voxelwind...
Excellent! There are a few basic rules we need to get out of the way before you begin.
## Code style
We follow the default Sun/Oracle code style in most cases. Exceptions include the native code (which are extracted from
BungeeCord and therefore uses BungeeCord's code style).
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@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ Voxelwind upstream so that the larger community can benefit from them.
* [yawkat's protocol documentation]( was also useful, especially for encryption.
* [BungeeCord]('s native compression and cryptography support is used in Voxelwind for more performance. We [forked it]( for our use.
* [minecraft-data]( was used to generate item and block type data.
* [The Hive]( is sponsoring the project.
## Requirements

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