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Requirements for Chinese Text Layout
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中文排版需求 Requirements for Chinese Text Layout

英文版 English(TBC)中文版 Chinese

本需求文档由W3C 国际化工作组W3C HTML5中文兴趣组共同发布和审阅。

若对本文档有任何建议或反馈,欢迎通过GitHub提交issues或者pull request。同时也欢迎使用订阅)与订阅)进行关于本文档的中文讨论或订阅)进行关于本文档的英文讨论。

This document is a colaboreration between the W3C Internationalization Working Group and the W3C HTML5 Chinese Interest Group.

Feedback about the content of this document can be submitted via issues or pull request in the GitHub repo. You are also welcome to send your comments to (for discussion in English), or and (for discussion in Chinese).

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