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Add advisement about <html manifest> removal plans (#750)

LGTM thanks @sideshowbarker
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sideshowbarker authored and stevefaulkner committed Dec 21, 2016
1 parent df48fb1 commit 231ead885e79fa4d92a7d7c87be5fc97e83db302
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<p>The <dfn element-attr for="html"><code>manifest</code></dfn> attribute gives the address of the
document's <span>application cache</span> <span>manifest</span>, if there is one. If the attribute is present,
the attribute's value must be a <a>valid non-empty URL potentially surrounded by spaces</a>.</p>
Advisement: The <span>manifest</span>-based <span>application cache</span> feature is in the
process of being removed from the Web platform. (This is a long process that takes many years.)
Using the <span>application cache</span> feature at this time is highly discouraged. Use service
workers instead. [[SERVICE-WORKERS]]
<p>The <{html/manifest}> attribute only <span>has an effect</span> during the early stages of document load.
Changing the attribute dynamically thus has no effect (and thus, no DOM API is provided for this

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