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UI Events KeyboardEvents key Values
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UI Events KeyboardEvent key Values

This repository is for the UI Events key specification.

The there is also an Implementation Report for this spec.


This spec was created using bikeshed. If you would like to contribute edits, please make sure that your changes build correctly.

To build this spec:

  1. Clone this repo into a local directory.
  2. Install bikeshed
  3. Run python in your local directory.

To make edits to the spec:

  1. Edit the index-source.txt file.
  2. Build (as above). This will update the and index.html files.

When submitting pull requests, make sure you don't include the file in your changelist - it's part of .gitignore so that you don't include it accidentally. All changes should be made in the index-source.txt file.

To update the implementation report:

  1. Edit the impl-report.txt file.
  2. Build (as above). This will update the and impl-report.html files.

As with the file, make sure you don't check in the file. It is also listed in the .gitignore file.

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