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Large Number formatting #39

rohithv opened this Issue · 5 comments

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There seems to be an issue when large numbers, for eg:, 500005, is being sent to CouchDB. It basically fails with a bad response. More googling leads me to a similar issue being discussed here - ramnathv/rCharts#141.

Is there any solution possible from the R4CouchDB as temporary or a permanent fix?


Here is a more elaborate explanation - ramnathv/rCharts#141 (comment)

@wactbprot wactbprot referenced this issue from a commit
@wactbprot add digits param for toJSON conversion see #39
	geändert:   R4CouchDB/DESCRIPTION
	geändert:   R4CouchDB/NAMESPACE
	geändert:   R4CouchDB/R/cdbIni.R
	geändert:   R4CouchDB/man/cdbIni.Rd
	neue Datei:   R4CouchDB_0.3.3.tar.gz
	neue Datei:   example/3dplot.pdf

with RJSONIO_1.0-3 I get valid JSON for both:

> a = 700005
> b = toJSON(a)
> b
[1] "[  7e+05 ]"
> a = 700004
> b = toJSON(a)
> b
[1] "[  7e+05 ]"

However the number of digits are indeed problematic. Therfore I generated R4CouchDB_0.3.3 and added a digits param for the function cdbIni(). I set the default to 7 (see digits)


Thanks a lot.


seems to work

@wactbprot wactbprot closed this

Thank You. I will pick up this build soon and make necessary changes to my code.

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