An Inkscape extension: Latex/Tex editor for Inkscape
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If you like this plugin, please star this project. It helps me to evaluate whether this plugin is needed. Thanks!



An Inkscape extension: Latex/Tex editor for Inkscape, inspired by textext.

This extension uses Inkscape build-in extension system, does not require TK or PyGtk as textext. Live preview feature is supported. You can obtain original TeX source from View Original TeX tab.


Just drop and writetex.inx to Inkscape extension folder, which is normally at $inkscapeFolder$/share/extensions.

Make sure one LaTeX command and one PDFtoSVG converter are in your path.


PDFTOSVG must be installed and added to your search path, otherwise you will get error like "IOError: Error reading file somesvg.svg". One supported PDFTOSVG is pdf2svg, which can be downloaded following locations:

  • For Windows user, pdf2svg can be downloaded from here or here.
  • For Mac user, pdf2svg can be installed by homebrew, or download from here.

More info

Can be found in the website.