Cocoa app to walk on map using keyboard arrow keys.
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PokemonMapWalker is a Cocoa app to walk on map using keyboard arrow keys.

This project is inspired from kahopoon's Pokemon-Go-Controller project but I made my own version because I feel it should be done in a simpler way.

  • Controller app (MapWalker) is made as an Cocoa app so only a Mac is necessary other than your iOS game device.
  • Xcode is still needed for location simulation.
  • AppleScript (ApplyGPX.scpt) is used to apply GPX script to location simulator.

How to use it

How to set up

  • Download Xcode from Mac App Store
  • Download the project as zip and extract
  • Open MapWalker/MapWalker.xcodeproj and Run the project
  • Allow location access when prompted.
    • After approval, a Finder window will be opened with MapWalker.gpx inside. Don't close this Finder window, you will need it later
  • Open Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility -> (Click the lock to make changes) -> Allow Xcode to control your computer
  • In Xcode menu bar, click Preferences -> Accounts -> Press + -> Add Apple ID... -> (Add your Apple ID to Xcode)
  • Connect your iOS game device (with Pokemon Go installed) to your Mac
    • Allow your computer to access your device when prompted, and also trust the computer when prompted on your device.
  • Open LocationSimulation/LocationSimulation.xcodeproj
  • in Xcode menu bar, click Product -> Destination -> (Choose Your connected iOS device)
  • Run the project
  • Switch to the Finder window which is opened when you allow location access to MapWalker app.
  • Drag MapWalker.gpx to your project.
    • Remember to uncheck "Copy file to project" !!!
  • On your iOS device, press home and open Maps app for verification
  • in Xcode menu bar, click Debug -> Simulate Location -> Select MapWalker. Your location in Maps app should be moved to the latest location in MapWalker app.
    • If nothing can be selected in Simulate Location menu, make sure you are switched to "LocationSimulation" project window in Xcode and the app is running and is run from Xcode.
  • Switch back to MapWalker app, use arrow keys to move on the maps and see if your location in Maps app on iOS device is also moved.
    • If your location in Maps app is not moved, check the following Troubleshooting part.


  • Make sure your active window in Xcode is LocationSimulation project window
    • When you click on Xcode app icon, the top-most window should be locationSimulation project. If not, switch to it using Xcode Window menu.
  • And also make sure the active document in the window is LocationSimulation project file
    • Single-click on the first item in project navigator
  • Make sure Xcode is allowed to control your computer in Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility.
  • Make sure LocationSimulation project is running on your device and is run from Xcode
  • Try to activate location yourself in Location Simulation project, then switch back to MapWalker app
    • In Xcode LocationSimulation project window, click Debug -> Simulate Location -> Select MapWalker
  • Try to delete MapWalker.gpx in LocationSimulation project (click "Remove Reference") and add again.


GPL v3