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The Wannier90 development wiki

This wiki collects some discussion about various details on the Wannier90 code. It is mainly of interest if you plan to contribute to the code development.

How to contribute - please read before doing a pull request!

We kindly request that all contributions to the code follow the advice and recommendations in the Guide for Contributors. This includes information about the requirements for coding style, naming conventions, documentation and commenting, and the addition of examples and test cases for new functionality.

How to write a test (required for pull requests with new code contribution, or changes to the current code)

Read the file test-suite/README in the repository.

Current development efforts

This page contains a summary of the current development efforts, name of people in charge, and the current status. If you want to contribute on the same feature, please contact the person in charge to coordinate and avoid to duplicate the work. If you want to start working on a new feature, it would be very useful if you drop a message to the wannier developers (e.g. on the mailing list) so we can add your contribution to the list.

Git suggestions and tricks

Merging from the official repository in my fork

Buildbot Test Farm

New merges into the development branch are checked on multiple platforms / compilers using the QEF buildbot test farm

Discussions on development details

Library Ideas

Test Suite Ideas


References and useful links

Making a release

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