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waPC Guest Library for TinyGo

This is the TinyGo implementation of the waPC standard for WebAssembly guest modules. It allows any waPC-compliant WebAssembly host to invoke to procedures inside a TinyGo compiled guest and similarly for the guest to invoke procedures exposed by the host.


The following is a simple example of synchronous, bi-directional procedure calls between a WebAssembly host runtime and the guest module.

package main

import (
	wapc ""

func main() {
		"hello": hello,

func hello(payload []byte) ([]byte, error) {
	wapc.HostCall("myBinding", "sample", "hello", []byte("Simon"))
	return []byte("Hello"), nil
tinygo build -o example/hello.wasm -scheduler=none --no-debug -target=wasi example/hello.go


  • It is recommended to use the latest versions Go and TinyGo
  • Avoid using the fmt package as it requires syscall/js.* which are not implemented by the waPC host libraries
  • TinyGo has limited reflect package support, thus generated Protobuf code will likely not work without some tweaking (But we have gotten it to work!)