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File manager written in TypeScript, React, Blueprint and packaged with Electron
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File manager written in TypeScript & React



  • Dual-view window
  • Tabs support
  • Fully keyboard controlled
  • Fully localized (French & English available)
  • Dark Mode with automatic detection (macOS Mojave)
  • Open a terminal from any folder
  • Plugin-based: local supported for now, ftp in the works

Feature tour

Dark theme automatic detection (macOS Mojave)

React-Explorer will automatically switch to dark-theme when it's detected:


Create and read folder

By pressing ctrl (Linux/Win) or cmd the folder you create will be automatically read:


Create nested folders

You can create several folders at once by separating them with a forward-slash:


Quick access to parent folders

By right-clicking on a tab's icon you can quickly get access to the parents of the currend folder:



React-Explorer works on any modern Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

Building for local development

In order to build React-Explorer you need to have installed nodejs.

Once installed, building React-Explorer is as easy as typing:

npm install && npm run build

This will build a development package.

In order to run in locally without having to create a native executable, you can then type:

npx electron ./build/main.js

Building binary packages

In order to build binary packages, simply type the following:

npm run dist

This will build packaged binaries of React Explorer into the dist folder for every supported platform.

React-Explorer can also be built for a single patform. For example, to build only the Windows binaries, type:

npm run dist-win


React-Explorer is fully localized using .json files. Right now, English and French are available.

Adding a new language to React-Explorer is easy: simply duplicate one of the file found in src/locale/lang directory.

The new file should have the name code.json where code is a valid language code, for example: ja.json to add support for Japanese.

How to develop a new Plugin

React-Explorer has been written so that it can easily be extended using plugins.

As a starting point you may use the FsGeneric skeleton.


React-Explorer makes use of the following tools/components:


React-Explorer is licenced under the MIT licence.

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