Fortran module of the KISS random number generator. It allow the use of multiple independent random number generators at the same time.
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Fortran module: RNDGEN

  • Simple implementation, ready for multiple random independent generators

How to compile and run:

$ gfortran examples/example.f90 -o example
$ ./example

Expected output: examples/output-example.txt

Using two independent generators:

$ gfortran examples/example-2gen.f90 -o example-2gen
$ ./example-2gen 21382144 21382147 # seed1 seed2

Expected output: examples/output-example-2gen.txt


  • Include the file in your code: include '../mod_rndgen.f90'
  • Use the module after the program: use mod_rndgen
  • Declare a generator as type(rndgen) :: generator
  • Initialize it with a seed: call generator%init(23242394)
  • Print a random real number U(0,1): print*, generator%rnd()
  • Print a integer between a and b: print*, generator%int(a,b)
  • Reset the generator: call generator%reset()

TODO: instructions of rndgenPL