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Eftest is a fast and pretty Clojure test runner.


To install, add the following to your project :dependencies:

[eftest "0.1.3"]


When all the tests pass, it looks like this:

Passing example

When a test fails, it looks like:

Failing example

And when a test throws an exception, it looks like:

Erroring example


Eftest has two main functions: find-tests and run-tests.

The find-tests function searches a source, which can be a namespace, directory path, symbol, var, or a collection of any of the previous. It returns a collection of test vars found in the source.

The run-tests function accepts a collection of test vars and runs them, delivering a report on the tests as it goes.

Typically these two functions are used together:

user=> (require '[eftest.runner :refer [find-tests run-tests]])
user=> (run-tests (find-tests "test"))

The above example will run all tests found in the "test" directory.

By default Eftest runs tests in parallel, which can cause issues with tests that expect to be single-threaded. To disable this, set the :multithread? option to false:

user=> (run-tests (find-tests "test") {:multithread? false})

Alternatively, you can add the :eftest/synchronized key as metadata to any tests you want to force to be executed in serial:

(deftest ^:eftest/synchronized a-test
  (is (= 1 1)))

You can also change the reporting function used. For example, if you want a colorized reporter but without the progress bar:

user=> (run-tests (find-tests "test") {:report})

Or maybe you want the old Clojure test reporter:

user=> (run-tests (find-tests "test") {:report clojure.test/report})


Copyright © 2017 James Reeves

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.