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Adjust MathML tests to Workaround WebKit's bug with document.fonts.ready #10025

merged 2 commits into from Mar 14, 2018


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fred-wang commented Mar 14, 2018

cc @mrego cc @youennf

That seems to be an acceptable work around to me. WDYT?

See also


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wpt-pr-bot commented Mar 14, 2018

There are no owners for this pull request besides its author. Please reach out on W3C's irc server (, port 6665) on channel #testing (web client) to get help with this. Thank you!


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w3c-bots commented Mar 14, 2018


Started: 2018-03-14 14:38:57
Finished: 2018-03-14 14:47:04

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@@ -62,7 +62,8 @@
setup({ explicit_done: true });
window.addEventListener("load", function() {
// Delay the check to workaround WebKit's bug
setTimeout(() => { document.fonts.ready.then(runTests); }, 0);

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mrego Mar 14, 2018


I think it's usually preferred window.requestAnimationFrame() instead of setTimeout().
Could you try if something like that would fix the issue? Thanks!

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fred-wang Mar 14, 2018

Author Contributor

The WebKit bug is that document.fonts.ready resolves immediately, even when I replace the CSS @font-face with a list of document.fonts.add(...) just before document.fonts.ready. Using setTimeout or requestAnimationFrame will delay things a bit and hence solve the issue, but I'm not sure requestAnimationFrame is more appropriate here, since it's not really a layout/painting issue but a font API bug. For example the following changes do not allow to workaround the issue:

document.fonts.ready.then(() => { requestAnimationFrame(runTests); });

document.fonts.ready.then(() => { setTimeout(runTests, notSmallEnoughDelta); });

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mrego Mar 14, 2018


I was thinking in something like:

    window.requestAnimationFrame(() => { document.fonts.ready.then(runTests); });

However I agree with you that setTimeout() might be clearer, so I'm fine with keeping it.

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fred-wang Mar 14, 2018

Author Contributor

Yes, requestAnimationFrame(() => { document.fonts.ready.then(runTests); }); would work too.


mrego approved these changes Mar 14, 2018

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mrego left a comment


@fred-wang fred-wang merged commit 716fa06 into master Mar 14, 2018

1 check passed

continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed

@fred-wang fred-wang deleted the mathml-fonts-ready branch Mar 14, 2018

hubot pushed a commit to WebKit/webkit that referenced this pull request Mar 14, 2018
Finish migration to MathML WPT tests

Patch by Frederic Wang <> on 2018-03-14
Reviewed by Manuel Rego Casasnovas.

In r225162, the MathML tests from the WPT repository were imported. They were intended to
replace the ones in imported/mathml-in-html5 but the migration was not fully possible. The
main issue was that many MathML tests use Web fonts to test the use of OpenType parameters
but document.fonts.ready is unreliable in WebKit (bug 174030). A workaround was implemented
in WPT ( web-platform-tests/wpt#10025 ) so this commit finishes
the migration. We update the WPT MathML tests and now run them all, we remove
imported/mathml-in-html5 and the associated TestExpectations failures. Two cases unrelated to
font loading are still failing: One for the SuperscriptShiftUpCramped parameter (bug 156401)
and one for the RadicalDegreeBottomRaisePercent parameter (bug 183631).


Reviewed by Manuel Rego Casasnovas.

* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/fractions/frac-parameters-1-expected.txt: Renamed from LayoutTests/imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/fractions/frac-parameters-1-expected.txt.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/fractions/frac-parameters-1.html: Import font loading workaround.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/fractions/frac-parameters-2-expected.txt: Renamed from LayoutTests/imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/fractions/frac-parameters-2-expected.txt.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/fractions/frac-parameters-2.html: Import font loading workaround.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/operators/mo-axis-height-1.html: Import font loading workaround.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/radicals/root-parameters-1-expected.txt: Renamed from LayoutTests/imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/radicals/root-parameters-1-expected.txt.
Also add the failure with RadicalDegreeBottomRaisePercent.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/radicals/root-parameters-1.html: Import font loading workaround.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/subsup-parameters-1-expected.txt: Renamed from LayoutTests/imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/subsup-parameters-1-expected.txt.
Also add the failure for SuperscriptShiftUpCramped.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/subsup-parameters-1.html: Import font loading workaround.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-1-expected.txt: Renamed from LayoutTests/imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-1-expected.txt.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-1.html: Import font loading workaround.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-2-expected.txt: Renamed from LayoutTests/imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-2-expected.txt.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-2.html: Import font loading workaround.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-3-expected.txt: Renamed from LayoutTests/imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-3-expected.txt.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-3.html: Import font loading workaround.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-4-expected.txt: Renamed from LayoutTests/imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-4-expected.txt.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-4.html: Import font loading workaround.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/presentation-markup/tables/table-axis-height.html: Import font loading workaround.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/relations/css-styling/displaystyle-1.html: Import font loading workaround.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/relations/css-styling/lengths-3.html: Import font loading workaround.
* web-platform-tests/mathml/tools/utils/ Import update to Python 3.


* TestExpectations: Unskip MathML WPT tests.
* imported/mathml-in-html5/LICENSE: Removed.
* imported/mathml-in-html5/ Removed.
* imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/fractions/frac-parameters-1.html: Removed.
* imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/fractions/frac-parameters-2.html: Removed.
* imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/radicals/root-parameters-1.html: Removed.
* imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/subsup-parameters-1.html: Removed.
* imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-1.html: Removed.
* imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-2.html: Removed.
* imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-3.html: Removed.
* imported/mathml-in-html5/mathml/presentation-markup/scripts/underover-parameters-4.html: Removed.
* platform/mac-wk2/TestExpectations: Remove the expectation.
* platform/win/TestExpectations: Remove the expectation.

git-svn-id: 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

fred-wang added a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 14, 2018

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