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Web3data.js Javascript API

Build Status XO code style Try web3data-js on RunKit

Web3data.js Javascript API

Wrapper for's REST API

Table of Contents

The API Key

Visit and select the developer plan to get started!

Once you've got your key, place it in a file named .env — see env.example for reference.

Then in you code you can use it like so:

const web3Data = new Web3Data(process.env.API_KEY)


Using npm:

npm install web3data-js

Using CDN:

<script src=""></script>

Getting Started

Check out the Quick Start documentation to get started.


import Web3Data from 'web3data-js'

const w3d = new Web3Data('<api-key>')

;( async () => {
     const contract = await w3d.contract.getDetails("0x06012c8cf97bead5deae237070f9587f8e7a266d")
     console.log(contract) // { ... }


import Web3Data from 'web3data-js'

const w3d = new Web3Data('<api-key>')

w3d.connect(status => {
  console.log('status ->', status.type)
w3d.on({eventName: 'block'}, data => {


This will run all tests using the prerecorded responses from the fixtures.

npm test

Runs tests using live responses from our endpoints. (Requires API key see Obtaining an Api key).

npm run test-live

Runs tests using live responses from our endpoints and records them in your fixtures folder.

npm run test-record


npm run build # Build for browser and output as `dist/web3data.min.js`
npm run docs:serve # Serves the documentation locally
npm run docs:gen # Generates the documentation and ouputs markdown
npm run lint # run linter
npm run lint:fix # fix linting errors
npm run test # runs all tests in playback mode
npm run test:record # run tests in record mode
npm run test:live # run tests hitting live endpoints
npm run test:fast # run tests but stop when one fails
npm run test:verbose # run tests with verbose output
npm run clean-recs # removes all recordings
npm run example # runs the example - see web3data-js in action!



This project is licensed under the Apache Licence 2.0.