Provides utils to create a test infrastructure for Doctrine 2 entities.
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This library provides some infrastructure for tests of Doctrine ORM entities, featuring:

  • configuration of a SQLite in memory database, compromising well between speed and a database environment being both realistic and isolated
  • a mechanism for importing fixtures into your database that circumvents Doctrine's caching. This results in a more realistic test environment when loading entities from a repository.

We use it to test Doctrine repositories and entities in Symfony applications. It's a lightweight alternative to the heavyweight functional tests suggested in the Symfony documentation (we don't suggest you should skip those - we just want to open another path).

In non-application bundles, where functional tests are not possible, it is our only way to test repositories and entities.


Install via composer (see

composer require --dev webfactory/doctrine-orm-test-infrastructure



use Entity\MyEntity;
use Entity\MyEntityRepository;
use Webfactory\Doctrine\ORMTestInfrastructure\ORMInfrastructure;

class MyEntityRepositoryTest extends \PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
    /** @var ORMInfrastructure */
    private $infrastructure;
    /** @var MyEntityRepository */
    private $repository;
    /** @see \PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase::setUp() */
    protected function setUp()
        $this->infrastructure = ORMInfrastructure::createWithDependenciesFor(MyEntity::class);
        $this->repository = $this->infrastructure->getRepository(MyEntity::class);
     * Example test: Asserts imported fixtures are retrieved with findAll().
    public function testFindAllRetrievesFixtures()
        $myEntityFixture = new MyEntity();
        $entitiesLoadedFromDatabase = $this->repository->findAll();

        // Please note that you cannot do the following:
        // $this->assertContains($myEntityFixture, $entitiesLoadedFromDatabase);

        // But you can do things like this (you probably want to extract that in a convenient assertion method):
        $this->assertCount(1, $entitiesLoadedFromDatabase);
        $entityLoadedFromDatabase = $entitiesLoadedFromDatabase[0];
        $this->assertEquals($myEntityFixture->getId(), $entityLoadedFromDatabase->getId());
     * Example test for retrieving Doctrine's entity manager.
    public function testSomeFancyThingWithEntityManager()
        $entityManager = $this->infrastructure->getEntityManager();
        // ...

Testing the library itself

After installing the dependencies managed via composer, just run


from the library's root folder. This uses the shipped phpunit.xml.dist - feel free to create your own phpunit.xml if you need local changes.

Happy testing!


1.5.0 -> 1.5.1

  • Clear entity manager after import to avoid problems with entities detected by cascade operations (#23)
  • Use separate entity managers for imports to avoid interference between import and test phase (#2)
  • Deprecated internal class \Webfactory\Doctrine\ORMTestInfrastructure\MemorizingObjectManagerDecorator as it is not needed anymore: there are no more selective detach() calls`after imports

1.4.6 -> 1.5.0

  • Introduced ConnectionConfiguration to explicitly define the type of database connection (#15)
  • Added support for simple SQLite file databases via FileDatabaseConnectionConfiguration; useful when data must persist for some time, but the connection is reset, e.g. in Symfony's Functional Tests

Create file-backed database:

$configuration = new FileDatabaseConnectionConfiguration();
$infrastructure = ORMInfrastructure::createOnlyFor(
// Used database file:
echo $configuration->getDatabaseFile();

1.4.5 -> 1.4.6

  • Ignore associations against interfaces when detecting dependencies via ORMInfrastructure::createWithDependenciesFor to avoid errors
  • Exposed event manager and created helper method to be able to register entity mappings

Register entity type mapping:

$infrastructure->registerEntityMapping(EntityInterface::class, EntityImplementation::class);

Do not rely on this "feature" if you don't have to. Might be restructured in future versions.

1.4.4 -> 1.4.5

  • Fixed bug #20: Entities might have been imported twice in case of bidirectional cascade
  • Deprecated class Webfactory\Doctrine\ORMTestInfrastructure\DetachingObjectManagerDecorator (will be removed in next major release)

1.4.3 -> 1.4.4

  • Improved garbage collection
  • Dropped support for PHP < 5.5
  • Officially support PHP 7

Known Issues

Please note that apart from any open issues in this library, you may stumble upon any Doctrine issues. Especially take care of it's known sqlite issues.

Performance Tests

Several benchmarks have been created to keep track of the performance of the library. Use the following command to run all benchmarks:

php composer.phar benchmark

To avoid a bug in Xdebug, debugging is automatically disabled during the benchmark run.

Credits, Copyright and License

This bundle was started at webfactory GmbH, Bonn.

Copyright 2012-2017 webfactory GmbH, Bonn. Code released under the MIT license.