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Software development agency based in Bonn, Germany. We focus on great customers, talented devs and agile methods. Jobs:

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  1. slimdump is a little tool to help you creating configurable dumps of large MySQL-databases.

    PHP 108 15

  2. Collection of tools and ideas for splitting up big monolithic PHP applications in smaller parts.

    PHP 25 2

  3. Provides utils to create a test infrastructure for Doctrine 2 entities.

    PHP 17 1

  4. Symfony bundle to ease HTTP cache validation via last modified header

    PHP 1

  5. Mini framework for mapping content from a source to a destination system, e.g. from Propel objects to Solr or from Doctrine entities to ElasticSearch.

    PHP 4 1

  6. Baton is a Composer dependency analytics tool which helps you keep track of the dependencies in your PHP projects.

    PHP 16 4


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