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Post formats media

WordPress audio, gallery, image and video post format media generator.

Generated media

Media generated from post content for supported post formats:

Audio post format

  • the first [audio] or [playlist] shortcode found,
  • or the first embed media URL.

Gallery post format

  • string of coma separated list of image IDs from the first [gallery] shortcode found.

Image post format

  • ID of the first image found in the post content,
  • or just the URL of that image, if it is not found in media library.

Video post format

  • the first [video], [playlist] or [wpvideo] shortcode found,
  • or the first embed media URL.

Custom meta fields

If no media saved in custom meta field, this script will attempt to generate the media and save them in a hidden custom meta field for the specific post. Regeneration of the custom field also occurs on every post save or update action.

You can override the generated media by setting a post_format_media custom meta field for the specific post (

Implementation example

Copy the class-post-formats.php file into your WordPress theme's root directory and inlcude it in your theme's funstions.php file like so:

require_once 'class-post-formats.php';

Then, use this code in your content-audio.php file, for example:

$post_format_media = (string) {%= prefix_class %}_Post_Formats::get();

if ( 0 === strpos( $post_format_media, '[' ) ) {
	$post_format_media = do_shortcode( $post_format_media );
} else {
	$post_format_media = wp_oembed_get( $post_format_media );

echo $post_format_media;

Do not forget to replace all development variables (the {%= variable_name %} string) with the actual values for your theme.

Other notes

Please note that this file does not register no post format for your theme. You should register those in your theme according to WordPress Codex instructions: