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@@ -62,44 +62,10 @@ was originally published while Aaron Swartz worked at [][20], w
"[ inspired the] web framework we use at FriendFeed [and] the webapp framework that ships with App Engine..."
<span class="cite">&nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp; [Brett Taylor](, co-founder of FriendFeed and original tech lead on Google App Engine</span>
-"In the ecosystem of web frameworks, something needs to occupy the 'small, light and fast' niche. is it."
-- Lloyd Dalton, [](
-"We completed our server rewrite a few days ago with and it was everything we could have wished for."
-- Sam Hsiung, [YouOS][25]
- [25]:
"Django lets you write web apps in Django. TurboGears lets you write web apps in TurboGears. lets you write web apps in Python."
-- Adam Atlas
-"very nicely written and concise (not to mention it's written by Aaron Swartz, whose coding skills are very trustable), and doesn't get in my way"
-- Jonas Galvez, Aupeo [#][26]
- [26]:
-"the first framework ... where I could just scribble code and see something working without even having to try to understand the logic of it. A pleasure to integrate."
-- Delaunay Antoine built [a photo gallery][28] and [an agenda][34] with it
- [28]:
- [34]:
+<span class="cite">&nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp; Adam Atlas</span>
"Guido [van Rossum, creator of Python], you'll probably find that best suits your style. ... If you don't like it, I can't imagine which of the other dozens of frameworks out there you *would* like."
-- Phillip J. Eby, creator of the Python Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) [#][30]
+<span class="cite">&nbsp;&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp; Phillip J. Eby, creator of the Python Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) [#][30]</span>
-"... the [Cheetah] example I saw on looks "right". ( itself OTOH gets an "F", for undocumented code with too much magic behavior. upvars(), bah.)"
-- Guido van Rossum, creator of Python [#][31] (the magic, like upvars, has since been removed)
- [31]:
-"suffice to say I think Aaron is headed in the right direction."
-- Harry Fuecks: [a simple wiki with][32]
- [32]:
-"a very fascinating moment for me. The feelings just like the first time I wrote my php script ... it sure have let me learn python in the fun way. Good work aaron !"
-- Kamal [simple blog in webpy, learning python the fun way][33]
- [33]:
4 static/webpy-new.css
@@ -139,4 +139,6 @@ list-style-type: circle;
padding: 20px 32px;
font-size: 80%;
text-align: center;
+.cite { font-size: smaller; }

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