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Invalid GAE templates generated #24

evgenyz opened this Issue Oct 6, 2010 · 1 comment

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evgenyz commented Oct 6, 2010

Problem is in change

This change results in such a template:

from web.template import CompiledTemplate, ForLoop, TemplateResult

import snippets
# encoding: utf-8 
    join_ = main._join; escape_ = main._escape
def main (username):
    __lineoffset__ = -4
    loop = ForLoop()
    self = TemplateResult(); extend_ = self.extend
    extend_([u'        <td/><td colspan="2">Hello, ', escape_(username, False), u'!</td><td/>\n'])

    return self

main = CompiledTemplate(main, './templates/main.html')

# encoding: utf-8 
    join_ = time_reports_individual._join; escape_ = time_reports_individual._escape
def time_reports_individual (periods):

And exception:

join_ = main._join; escape_ = main._escape
    IndentationError: unexpected indent

Instead this should look as this IMHO:

        code = code.replace("__template__", name, 1)


        out.write('%s = CompiledTemplate(%s, %s)\n\n' % (name, name, repr(path)))
        # inject "join_ = ..; escape_ = .." into the code.. 
        # That is required to make escape functionality work correctly. 
        out.write('\njoin_ = %s._join; escape_ = %s._escape\n' % (name, name))

fix GAE compilation issue. (closed by 75dcc97)

@s7v7nislands s7v7nislands pushed a commit to s7v7nislands/webpy that referenced this issue May 4, 2011
@anandology anandology fix GAE compilation issue. (closes #24) 75dcc97
This issue was closed.
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