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written by Johannes Weißl

This script makes mail indexers (like mairix, mu, nmzmail, or notmuch)
together with mutt more useful.

These search engines usually create a virtual maildir containing symbolic
links to the original mails, which can be browsed using mutt.
It would be optimal if mutt somehow knew that the two maildir entries
identify the same mail, but this is not that easy (mail folder
abstraction from different formats, no tight integration of mail indexers).

So if one wants to rename (for setting/clearing flags), delete or edit the
mails, it is only possible using the original mail. This (very simple)
script helps to jump to this message, using e.g. this macro in .muttrc:

macro generic ,j "<enter-command>push <pipe-message>muttjump<enter><enter>" "jump to original message"

Don't forget to quit the new mutt instance (started by muttjump) after
the modifications. To make jumping faster (no keypress required), unset
$wait_key in your ~/.muttrc.