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What is Wekan

Wekan FAQ

Anyone can already do this, no need to be a maintainer

  • Answer Github issues
  • Keep any Wekan wikis up-to-date

Wekan welcomes new co-maintainers

xet7 did have to bring Wekan back to life already once before. Generally in Open Source it's good to have more that one maintainer to keep project alive.

Requirements for maintainers

When you contributions on Wekan Team page starts growing, one of Wekan maintainers may ask if you'd like to become co-maintainer.

Responsibilities of maintainer

  • Check that pull requests work. Merge pull requests.
  • Make new releases for Wekan.
  • Ask other maintainers for more documentation how to maintain something.
  • Keep documentation on wikis up-to-date.

Maintainers do need to also remember

  • Do not try to rewrite whole project. That takes too much time and resources. We prefer small incremental improvements.
  • Do maintaining on your free time. There is no need to be always available. You are free to have pauses from maintaining for any length of time. Telling to other maintainers about long pauses is recommended but anyway optional.
  • Also take care of yourself and your personal life. Remember to take enough rest.
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