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文淵閣總目, wyg-registry

Packages registry for wyg

📦 Publish Your Own Packages

  • Create a git repo on Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket
  • Commit your code and make sure 序.wy(as entry) in the root.
  • Clone this repo and modify the registry.yml and add your package info. The details is included in the file as comments.
  • Create a PR of your changes.
  • Once the PR got merged, your package will publish automatically!

You can also check out 子曰<antfu/ziyue-wy> as an example.

Available Packages

Name Alias Description Author
子曰 ziyue Cowsay for wenyan-lang antfu
干支 ganzhi Convert A.D to branches. GAMESKY-tech
交互秘術 jiaohu IO for wenyan-lang GLanguage
刻漏 kelou JavaScript timers for wenyan-lang akira-cn
柯裡化法 currying Currying for wenyan-lang akira-cn
符經 fujing Escape special characters in wenyan string GLanguage
造類秘術 class zaolei CLASS LITERALS for wenyan-lang GLanguage
简化方言 simplified-dialect A dialect of wenyan-lang to simplify some grammar XiLaiTL
简体秘术 jiantihua Use simplified Chinese keywords and punctuation for wenyan-lang lymslive
腳本秘術 script Embed scripts into wenyan-lang akira-cn
解析整數 zh_parseint parseInt equivalent for wenyan-lang, working with both Chinese and European numerals alainsaas
質問 prompt Prompt for wenyan-lang alainsaas
閱文秘術 stdin Read input from stdin. DGCK81LNN
器經 qijing Data structures for wenyan-lang. NFLSCode
異步秘術 async-wy Async functions for wenyan-lang. akira-cn
控制秘術 control-wy Listen pointer and keyboard events. akira-cn


MIT License © 2020 Anthony Fu