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Useful resources for Silverstripe Framework and CMS

Silverstripe CMS is an open source PHP framework for building web applications. It is a rapid development MVC framework that serves as a classic fully fledged CMS or as a headless CMS, which can be queried either via GraphQL or a custom API. Following the "Active Record" design pattern, you can easily extend the built-in functionality with a project specific data model.

Contributions welcome, please send a pull request or open an issue to start a discussion.

Outdated items can be found in the archive.



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Very Useful Modules

Module Listings

General Modules

I18N (Internationalisation)

  • Fluent - Multi-language translate module for Silverstripe, without having to manage separate site trees.
  • Autotranslate - Creates automatic translations of fields using Google Translate API.

Site Search

  • Silverstripe Searchable - Adds more complex site searching using the Silverstripe ORM. With dedicated templates for search results across multiple search objects.
  • Searchable DataObjects - Fast and simple MySQL based search. Useful for single language sites.
  • Fulltext Search - Full fledged search interface for Solr4 (EOL).
  • Fulltext Search Local Solr - Easy to install Solr4 (EOL) instance for local development.
  • Solr search - Interface for Solr search, supporting up to the latest Solr (9) version. With submodules for e.g. transitioning from the "Fulltext Search" module, as well as subsite, fluent and others.

Development Helpers

  • Debugbar - Shows debugging statistics in your browser.
  • IdeAnnotator - Auto-generates class annotations on dev/build.
  • Populate - Populate your database through YAML files.
  • Mock DataObjects - Allows DataObjects to self-populate intelligently with fake data.
  • Version Truncator - Automatically delete old SiteTree page versions.
  • UserSwitcher - Adds a small form both in the frontend and backend to quickly login as any user.
  • Masquerade - Allows an Administrator to "login" as another "Member". This can be useful for debugging and remote support.

Fancy Form Fields

  • Markdown Field - Can replace your HTMLEditorFields (using TinyMCE) so you can utilise Markdown syntax.
  • Code Editor Field - Gives you a syntax-highlighted text area field - great for CMS-based YAML or HTML.



  • SSPak - Tool for managing bundles of db/assets from Silverstripe environments.
  • SSPy - Python version of SSPak, that can handle assets more than 2GB.

IDE Plugins




There is no official box like Laravel has its homestead box. However, there are a few good boxes out there for Vagrant you could use:


Useful resources for Silverstripe CMS and framework




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