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Crash in parsing state on {$2, <<>>} message #25

tsloughter opened this Issue Mar 6, 2013 · 4 comments

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I ran into a crash today where the pgsql_connection is in the parsing state, and from the sasl logs I see that reply={error, timeout} in the state record. It crashes because it receives the message {$2, <<>>} and that is not a valid message while in the parsing state.

I found it interesting that when parsing times out it continues on in the parsing state:

parsing(timeout, State) ->
    #state{timeout = Timeout} = State,
    Reply = {error, timeout},
    send(State, $S, []),
    {next_state, parsing, State#state{reply = Reply}, Timeout};

Why does it not go to the timeout state like querying?

querying(timeout, State) ->
    #state{sock = Sock, timeout = Timeout, backend = {Pid, Key}} = State,
    pgsql_sock:cancel(Sock, Pid, Key),
    {next_state, timeout, State, Timeout};

Perhaps this is related. I've been getting the following error as well:

> pgsql:equery(<0.61.0>, <<"delete from test where id=$1 and key=$2;">> , [ <<"id1">> , <<"key1">> ] ).

call to undefined function 
pgsql_connection:parsing({parse,[],<<"delete from test where id=$1 and key=$2;">>,[]},

So I added parsing/3 to pgsql_connection, and this is what it logged for the 3 arguments:

* {parse,[],<<"delete from test_table where id=$1 and key=$2;">>,[]}
* From
* State

I am also using epgsql_pool. Incidentally, I wasn't getting timeout on individual queries, but when trying over a list comprehension of 10,100, I was able to reproduce the timeout ( on all nodes ). My solution was to return_connection everytime i get_connection.

Do you have any easily foreseen reasons why querying will timeout ?

Update: This issue could be similiar to zotonic/zotonic#23 where they diagnosed this as

 @arjan : "I think that this is a problem where a single connection is used by two processes."


wg commented Mar 14, 2013

Hi, sorry for the delayed response!

@tsloughter are you able to reproduce your problem? A minimal test case would be a huge help in diagnosing the issue. The reason it stays in the parsing state is because it sends a sync command and waits for the response before sending a reply to the client.

@bosky101 your issue doesn't look related to timeouts? It does look similar to zotonic's issue which was multiple processes attempting to use a single connection, which won't work.

wg commented Mar 16, 2013

@bosky101 if a connection is stored in a process's state then I wouldn't think any other process would have access to it. They definitely would have to handle connection loss though.

I don't write much erlang anymore, but my preference was for creating pools of data accessor processes, each owning a connection. This seemed more in the spirit of erlang's concurrency model vs a connection pool.

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