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whatwedo - Docker Base Images

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We at whatwedo are slowly going away from traditional application hosting to the approach of using Docker containers. For this reason we built several docker images. They are available on Dockerhub. You can use them easily in your own projects.


Name Description
whatwedo/base   several base packages for daily working with docker installed
whatwedo/apache   Apache 2 webserver
whatwedo/apache-php56   Apache 2 webserver including PHP 5.6
whatwedo/apache-php70   Apache 2 webserver including PHP 7.0
whatwedo/apache-php71   Apache 2 webserver including PHP 7.1
whatwedo/apache-php72   Apache 2 webserver including PHP 7.2
whatwedo/bind  Bind9 nameserver
whatwedo/docker  Docker in docker
whatwedo/elasticsearch  Elasticsearch server
whatwedo/golang   Golang compiler
whatwedo/icinga2  Icinga2 and Icinga2-Web
whatwedo/java  Java 8
whatwedo/kibana  Kibana data exploration UI
whatwedo/logstash  Logstash
whatwedo/logstash-forwarder  Logstash-Forwarder
whatwedo/mariadb   MariaDB server
whatwedo/memcached  memcached server
whatwedo/mongodb  MongoDB server
whatwedo/nextcloud  Nextcloud server
whatwedo/nginx   nginx webserver
whatwedo/nginx-php56   nginx webserver including PHP 5.6
whatwedo/nginx-php70   nginx webserver including PHP 7.0
whatwedo/nginx-php71   nginx webserver including PHP 7.1
whatwedo/nginx-php72   nginx webserver including PHP 7.2
whatwedo/node   Node
whatwedo/openldap  openLDAP server
whatwedo/owncloud  ownCloud server
whatwedo/php56   PHP 5.6 interpreter
whatwedo/php70   PHP 7.0 interpreter
whatwedo/php71   PHP 7.1 interpreter
whatwedo/php72   PHP 7.2 interpreter
whatwedo/postgres   Postgres database server
whatwedo/puppet-client   Puppet Client
whatwedo/redis  Redis data structure server
whatwedo/ruby  Ruby interpreter
whatwedo/squid  Squid proxy server
whatwedo/symfony2  nginx configured for running Symfony 2
whatwedo/symfony3  nginx configured for running Symfony 3
whatwedo/symfony4  nginx configured for running Symfony 4
whatwedo/tomcat  Tomcat application server 
whatwedo/wordpress  WordPress installed on Apache 2
whatwedo/wordpress-nginx-w3tc  WordPress running on nginx with PHP 7.0 and W3 Total Cache configuration

Directory/File Layout

The following table show the directory Layout of this repository:

Folder Description
dist Includes all Dockerfiles and REAMDE's which are also available on Dockerhub
files Includes static files which are used by the Dockerfiles. For example a webserver configuration file
images Dockerfiles and README's for the single images. All Dockerfiles are saved as *.m4. On this way they can include files from the modules folder
modules Modules which can be included from a Dockerfile
vm-init Files used to init the developer VM is a script for managing complex docker images. It provides an easy mechanism for creating and building docker images
Vagrantfile Developer VM configuration

Because we are using several base images with recurring tasks in the Dockerfile, we are using a script to include commands. This script is available under Feel free to use it in your own projects.


./ build-files         - This will build all dockerfiles
./ build-file [name]   - This will build the given dockerfile
./ build-images        - This will build all images
./ build-image [name]  - This will build the given image

Developer VM

To start and access the developer VM, use the following commands:

vagrant up
vagrant ssh

The repository root will be mounted under /vagrant

Bugs and Issues

If you have any problems with this image, feel free to open a new issue in our issue tracker


This image is licensed under the MIT License. The full license text is available under

Further information

There are a number of images we are using at Feel free to use them. More information about the other images are available in our Github repo.