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🖥 Swift Programming for macOS

There are plenty of books, videos, and online resources for developing iOS apps. Despite the fact that iPhone and iPad apps require a Mac for code development, there is very little information about actually creating native Mac applications. The examples in this repository demonstrate various aspects of Mac app development using the latest versions of Swift and SwiftUI. Hopefully the examples and accompanying website will provide a useful resource for Mac developers.


Example Xcode projects are available in the examples folder.


Website files are in the docs folder. View the website at

The website is hosted with GitHub Pages and built with Jekyll. To build the website locally, Bundler is used for the Ruby environment. See the steps below to build a local environment for the website.

Note: Since this is a GitHub project website (not a user or organization website) the baseurl must be set to the repository name baseurl: /swift-macos in the docs/_config.yml file.

# If not done so already, install Bundler
$ gem install bundler

# Then run Bundler to create a Ruby environment
$ bundle install

After installing the Ruby environment, run the Jekyll server from within the docs folder using the following command:

$ bundle exec jekyll serve

Bundler and the GitHub Pages gem can be updated with the following commands:

$ gem update bundler
$ bundle update github-pages


Submit a Pull Request if you would like to contribute to this project. Questions and other comments can be submitted on the Issues page. If you submit an example Xcode project, make sure Team is set to None in the Signing & Capabilities section in the project settings.


Support this project by using the ❤️ Sponsor button at the top of this page. Thank you 😄.


Code in this repository is available under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for more information.