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The CWEB System of Structured Documentation

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For the original README file refer to README

This package contains the source code of "The CWEB System of Structured Documentation", authored by Silvio Levy and Donald E. Knuth modified to compile with 0 warnings with a modern C compiler (as of August, 2015).

CWEB was originally created in 1987. In 2015 when compiled with GCC/Clang compiler, it generates tons of warning messages. Version present in this repository contains source code cleanups letting me to integrate CWEB into my build infrastructure.

Source code in this repository is based on cweb.tar.gz distribution obtained from:

MD5 checksum of the file

MD5 (cweb.tar.gz) = 8e488ec9932c117908c92d1c4614cdee

Continuous integration

To make sure this project doesn't get broken, I configured Travis CI ( system to fetch files from this repository on every change. In other words: each time I or anybody else will make a change to this repository, Travis Ci will fetch the source code and try to recompile the project to make sure everything builds fine


For the native CWEB stuff and their licensing, see CWEB source code files. Everything that I added is distributed with the same license as the CWEB system.



The CWEB System of Structured Documentation




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