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Interactive React Lifecycle Methods diagram.
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React Lifecycle Methods diagram

An interactive version of React Lifecycle Methods diagram tweeted by Dan Abramov. Built in React, obviously.

I did my best to make the diagram fully accessible, both for keyboard navigation and screen readers for visually impaired people.

Online version is also available!

How to use the diagram

  • Click any method name to read its official documentation (opens in a new tab).
  • Methods in bold are the most common ones.
  • Actions that are not methods, but otherwise help reading the diagram, are in italics.


You are welcome to raise issues and create pull requests.

Particularly valuable contributions are those regarding i18n as I only know so many languages. Adding new locale is pretty easy, but there's a separate i18n guide in case you get lost.

You can also add a new version of the diagram in case React lifecycle methods are changed. There is a separate versions guide in case you get lost.


To contribute, you need to have the following prerequisites installed:

  • Node.js
  • Yarn
  • IDE of your choice

Starting the project

  • yarn install (first time only)
  • yarn start

Building the project

  • yarn build


The MIT License.


Wojciech Maj

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