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WP Statistics

A free and advanced statistics plugin for WordPress

A comprehensive plugin for your WordPress visitor statistics, come visit us at our website for all the latest news and information.

Track statistics for your WordPress site without depending on external services and uses arrogate data whenever possible to respect your users privacy.

On screen statistics presented as graphs are easily viewed through the WordPress admin interface.

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from


  • Online users, visits, visitors and page statistics
  • Search Engines, see search queries and redirects from popular search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu
  • Overview and detail pages for all kinds of data, including; browser versions, country stats, hits, exclusions, referrers, searches, search words and visitors
  • GeoIP location by Country
  • Support for hashing IP addresses in the database to protect your users privacy
  • Interactive map of visitors location
  • E-mail reports of statistics
  • Set access level for view and manage roles based on WordPress roles
  • Exclude users from statistics collection based on various criteria, including; user roles, common robots, IP subnets, page URL, login page, RSS pages, admin pages, Country, number of visits per day, hostname
  • Record statistics on exclusions
  • Automatic updates to the GeoIP database
  • Automatically prune the databases of old data
  • Export the data to XML, CSV or TSV files
  • Widget to provide information to your users
  • Shortcodes for many types of data in both widgets and posts/pages
  • Dashboard widgets for the admin area
  • Comprehensive Admin Manual


WP Statistics has been translated in to many languages, for the current list and contributors, please visit the translate page.

Translations are done by people just like you, help make WP Statistics available to more people around the world and do a translation today!


  1. Upload wp-statistics to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Make sure the Date and Time is set correctly in WordPress.
  4. Go to the plugin settings page and configure as required (note this will also download the GeoIP database for the fist time).

Function API

WP Statistics supports several functions for other plug-in and theme authors to use to retrieve statistics about the site. All of the external functions available in this link.


WP Statistics supports shortcodes in WordPress, these can be used in either a post and page body as well as an HTML widget. Description of shortcode available in this link



There are two namespaces WP_STATISTICS and WP_Statistics that the new classes which is in the new structure is in the /src folder and support PSR-4, so the new classes should be implemented in the new namespace.

Community Links


Would you like to support this project?

  • Paypal Paypal: Donate
  • btc Bitcoin: bc1qjezs7vusvvmhxrhxan7nkl7kvnpy624wxhse2p

Build the assets

Requirement: Before any build it`s necessary to fix these below versions then use npm and gulp commands

  • npm v6.*
  • node v14.*

You need to install the gulp in advance.

npm install --global gulp
npm install --global gulp-cli

Then install dependencies and tasks

npm install