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WPCasa Real Estate


WPCasa is a flexible WordPress solution to create professional real estate websites and manage property listings with ease. Please find more information at


WPCasa is a FREE WordPress plugin that fully integrates with the familiar and easy-to-use interface that WordPress is famous for. Adding property details, location information, image galleries and more is a breeze using the intuitive WPCasa listing editor. The powerful advanced property search ensures that potential clients find the listing they are looking for in no time.


Please feel free to visit our demo site where you can test the features of our framework.


  • Intuitive Listing Editor: Adding extensive property details, location information and image galleries has never been easier using our intuitive WPCasa listing editor.
  • Works Out of the Box: Using the existing shortcodes or the powerful template system you can use WPCasa with any WordPress theme out there.
  • Advanced Property Search: Potential clients will find what they are looking for. Using the advanced search they can filter your listings by keyword, taxonomies and of course property details.
  • Admin Property Management: In the backend administrators can manage great numbers of listings using the well-organized property list with advanced filters and bulk actions.
  • Extend with Add-Ons: Using our custom add-ons you can connect WPCasa to third party services, change or extend the functionality and customize things to your needs.
  • Style with Themes: If you want to start with a turn-key real estate website with a first-class design, browse our collection of WordPress themes exclusively built for WPCasa.


To hit the ground running have a look at our WordPress themes exclusively built for WPCasa to unfold the great potential of the framework.

Browse themes now

If you're a developer and would like to talk about creating themes for WPCasa, don't hesitate and get in touch.


Optionally use add-ons built for WPCasa to customize and/or extend the functionality of your real estate website to your special needs.

Browse add-ons now

More add-ons are currently in the making. If you are missing an add-on or are a developer and would like to talk about creating add-ons for WPCasa, don't hesitate and get in touch.


For help and documentation please feel free to visit our support center and our knowledge base.


POT file with text strings is included. If you would like to add a translation and see your name here, please get in touch.


You are warmly welcome to contribute to WPCasa. No matter if you find a typo or a bug, if you want to suggest a cool new feature or if you want to help us to translate WPCasa... we would like to hear you. Here's how you could get started.

  1. Report a minor issue or a major bug
  2. Provide feedback on enhancements
  3. Submit a translation of your language
  4. Send pull requests with fixes and improvments