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WSO2 Micro Integrator

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WSO2 Micro Integrator is the integration runtime of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (EI), which is an open-source, hybrid integration platform. Please refer to the official documentation for further information.

The Micro Integrator runtime is lightweight, fast, scalable, and supports centralized ESB-style integration architectures as well as decentralized microservices architectures:

  • Centralized integration architecture esb integration architecture

  • Decentralized integration architecture microservices architecture

Developers can create integrations graphically by using WSO2 Integration Studio and deploy them in the Micro Integrator runtime.


Why Micro Integrator?

The Micro Integrator provides developers with a flawless experience in developing, testing, and deploying integration solutions. The Micro Integrator developer experience is especially tuned for;

  • Integration developers who prefer a config-driven approach to integration (centralized or decentralized).
  • Integration developers who are looking for a solution to integrate brownfield (i.e. legacy systems) solutions with new microservices-based solutions.
  • Existing WSO2 EI and integration middleware users who want to move into cloud-native or microservices architectures.

The Micro Integrator offers an enhanced experience for container-based architectures by simplifying Docker/Kubernetes deployments.

Refer the developer guide in the documentation for details.

Getting Started

See the following topics to get started with the product:

See the Tutorials and Examples to try out the main integration use cases. You can also find more resources in the WSO2 Library.


If you are planning on contributing to the development efforts of WSO2 Micro Integrator, you can do that by checking out the latest development version. The master branch holds the latest unreleased source code.

Building from the source

Please follow the steps below to build WSO2 Micro Integrator from the source code.

  1. Clone or download the source code from this repository (
  2. Run the maven command mvn clean install from the root directory of the repository.
  3. The generated Micro Integrator distribution can be found at micro-integrator/distribution/target/wso2mi-<version>.zip.

Please note that the product can be build using only JDK 8 but the integration tests can be run in either JDK 8 or 11.

Building the Docker image

You can build the Docker image for the Micro Integrator by setting the docker.skip system property to false when running the maven build. This builds and pushes the micro-integrator Docker image to the local Docker registry.

mvn clean install -Ddocker.skip=false


WSO2 Micro Integrator is licensed under the Apache License.


(c) 2020, WSO2 Inc. All Rights Reserved.