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Attempt to build a flexible, modern and easy to extend bot/webinterface for the game 7 Days to Die
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Flexible, modern, and easy to extend bot/webinterface for the game 7dtd

Current state

  • Epic LCARS-Style Interface :)

  • Module based functionality

  • Monitor the games telnet-log

  • Simple triggers to react to the telnet-log

    • player-join events are monitored to update playerdata during login
  • Central Database with access triggers

  • Socket/Push based webinterface that is triggered by changes to the database

  • Widget system to easily extend the webinterface

  • The following widgets are (partly) implemented

    • Telnet-log widget
    • Player-table widget (login-status, info, kick)
    • (Timed) Remote shutdown procedure
    • Simple gametime display
    • Whitelist widget (enable/disable, add/remove user)


Functions will gradually be added. One at a time

I am currently working on a locations-widget for players to create snd manage in-game locations

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