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* Openswan v2.6.51 and strongSwan default proposals are incompatible.
To successfully interoperate with strongSwan, it is advised to
explicitly define the protocols to use; which includes IKE version
IKE protocols, and ESP/AH protocols.
A working example:
conn os-ss
conn os-ss
Tested protocols:
* ikev1 and ikev2
* ipv4, NAT-T, ipv6
* encryption: aes128, aes256
* integrity: md5, sha1
* DH-group: modp2048
* There is an interoperability issue between Openswan and strongSwan
when pfs=yes
In the case of pfs=yes configuration, a DH-group must be negotiated
for the child/ESP SA. The latest version of pluto (2.6.52) may fail to
correctly negotiate the DH group for child SA.
It is advised to explicitly disable PFS (pfs=no) or use the same
DH group for both ike= and phase2alg= statements.
* Openswan v2.6.51+ may not interoperate with earlier versions. While fixes
made in v2.6.51 adhere to the RFCs more closely, they lead to interop issues
with previous releases. When interoperating with v2.6.50, or older, consider:
* using pfs=yes
* use a smaller ikelifetime= and keylife= on the newer version
NOTE: this is not advised if the newer version is behind NATT
* Openswan v2.6.52 changes the behaviour of IKEv2 rekeys initiated by the
original responder of the IKE SA. That is to say, if the host that did not
initiate the connection later attempts to rekey the child SA, things may
break between older (pre v2.6.52) and latter (v2.6.52+) versions of Openswan.
This change makes Openswan interoperate with strongSwan. With the change
Openswan will adhere to the RFCs more closely, and like strongSwan, will
use message id of 0 for the first request message sent from either side
of the connection.
A new conn variable was added for ipsec.conf which allows for backwards
compatibility with Openswan 2.6.51 and prior. Setting firstmsgid=1 will
allow for seamless interoperability with older versions. The variable
defaults to 0, which breaks backwards compatibility, but is RFC complaint.
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