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v1.3.17 (Jan 20, 2022)

  • debian: Add systemd .service [Will Thompson]
  • Update TODO file to specify branch work that needs to be completed
    [Samir Hussain]
  • Correct a typo in the man page xl2tpd.conf(5) [Samy Mahmoudi]
  • xl2tpd-control: fix typo in usage [Yousong Zhou]
  • Updating debian changelog description [Samir Hussain]
  • control: Fix branch of Vcs-Git [Samuel Thibault]
  • upload [Samuel Thibault]
  • Drop unused lintian warning that produces a lintian error [Samuel
  • Update xl2tpd.doc to use [Samir Hussain]
  • Drop patch that cannot be applied any more [Samuel Thibault]
  • Bump debhelper from 10 to 12 [Samuel Thibault]
  • control: Bump Standards-Version to 4.5.0 [Samuel Thibault]
  • Really move changes to patch series [Samuel Thibault]
  • Move c0cce20 to patch series [Samuel Thibault]
  • upload [Samuel Thibault]
  • Close bug [Samuel Thibault]
  • Use https URL. [Samuel Thibault]
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v1.3.16 (October 23, 2020)

  • Re-add braces for if-else that have only statement [Samir Hussain]
  • xl2tpd-control refactoring [Alexander Naumov]
  • fix travis 'script' syntax [Alexander Naumov]
  • adding xl2tpd-control tests to travis [Alexander Naumov]
  • Re-adding text giving more information about using ipsec with xl2tpd
    [Samir Hussain]
  • Update README: typo, links to RFC, link to travis [Alexander Naumov]
  • Travis will test different compiler on linux distro [Samir Hussain]
  • Update travis for proper matrix [Samir Hussain]
  • Add Focal to travis testing [Samir Hussain]
  • yet another man-page update [Alexander Naumov]
  • update man-pages, fix typo [Alexander Naumov]
  • set_flow: result of operation is garbage or undefined [Alexander Naumov]
  • Update README [Alexander Naumov]
  • adding xl2tpd.init.patch [Alexander Naumov]
  • adding Makefile.patch [Alexander Naumov]
  • moving changes to separate file [Alexander Naumov]
  • sync/update spec file with official SUSE version [Alexander Naumov]
  • Set IP_PKTINFO even if setting of IPPROTO_IP fails (as it was in
    1.3.9) [shadyhh]
  • Update .gitignore vim swap file [Samir Hussain]
  • Travis will test supported Ubuntu LTS distros [Samir Hussain]
  • Updating COMPATABILITY_ISSUES with info on Miktrotik servers [Samir
  • Add work around for Android 10 maxium retries in COMPATIBILITY_ISSUES
    [Samir Hussain]
  • Add compatibility issues with Ciso ASA [Samir Hussain]
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  • Fix spacing of [Samir Hussain]
  • Add [Samir Hussain]
  • Specify missing log arguments [Patch by github user: 川島和津実]
  • Use matrix for .travis.yaml to test for multiple Linux distro [Samir Hussain]
  • Fixing .travis.yaml spacing warning [Samir Hussain]
  • Sockopt bug fix for multiple IP's [JDTX]
  • Add Clang as compiler test for travis [Samir Hussain]
  • Add info on building and installing xl2tpd [Samir Hussain]
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v1.3.14 (April 17, 2019)

  • osport.h: replace SUSv3-specific functions by POSIX variants [Fabrice Fontaine]
  • avp: Error Code field in Result Code AVP is optional [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • network_thread: Early continue in loop to remove huge indented block [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • network_thread: Simplify while loop using for loop [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • network: connect_pppol2tp: early return to avoid huge indentation block [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • xl2tpd: start_pppd: Fix truncation of last character [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • handle_packet: Remove unneded else clause when handling payload [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • control: Split control message handling into its own function [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • handle_packet: Rearrange code flow to simplify it [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • avp: Early failure if no handler to remove indent block [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • xl2tpd: Mark internal symbols as static [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • Fix indentation and whitespace in code block [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • xl2tpd: Remove unused variable [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • network: Add missing close(kernel_fd) on init network failure [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • network: Add missing close(server_fd) on init network failure [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • Add 'cap backoff' option, limiting exponential backoff retries will
    be delayed by exponentially longer time, unless that time is capped
    by configuration. [Bart Trojanowski]
  • Add program to show status icon in system tray. [Github user: username34]
  • Add info on building and installing xl2tpd [Samir Hussain]
  • Update formatting of [Samir Hussain]
  • Rename README.xl2tpd to [Samir Hussain]
  • Update Debian changelog [Samir Hussain]
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  • Specify email address for reporting security vulnerabilities [Samir Hussain]
  • Fix compile warning with USE_KERNEL in xl2tpd.c [Samir Hussain]
  • Applying patch that reduces compile warnings and fixes warnings from gcc and clang. [Gareth Ansell]
  • Fix compiler warnings in network.c [Gareth Ansell]
  • Add a make command for packaging's prep work [Samir Hussain]
  • Add Makefile directive for getting version [Samir Hussain]
  • Add a preproc for Watchguard firewall (Github issue #136) [daniel1111]
  • Convert from ISO-8859 to UTF-8 [Simon Deziel]
  • Update README to provide latest info on xl2tpd + Linux kernel 4.15+ [Samir Hussain]
  • Use dh_auto_build in order to allow cross compiles [Helmut Grohne]
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v1.3.12 (May 18, 2018)

  • TOS value to copy to the tunnel header (Yurkovskyy)
  • Fix for ENODEV (No such device) error with Linux kernel 4.15 (Douglas Kosovic)
  • Update xl2tpd.init (bogdik)
  • fix version number and upload (Samuel Thibault)
  • import wheezy changes (Samuel Thibault)
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v1.3.11 (March 7, 2018)

  • Build packages for Xenial by default (Simon Deziel)
  • Bump d/compat to 9 (Simon Deziel)
  • Drop d/ script and refresh d/watch (Simon Deziel)
  • Refresh d/control by partly sync'ing from Debian (Simon Deziel)
  • Use HTTPS URL in d/copyright (Simon Deziel)
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* Have max retries as a configuration [Samir Hussain]
* Add more into to "select timeout" debug message [Samir Hussain]
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  • Update STRLEN in file.h to 100 (from 80) [Samir Hussain]
  • xl2tpd-control: fix xl2tpd hanged up in "fopen" [wendy2001011]
  • Update version in spec and opewnrt Makefile. [Samir Hussain]
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  • Add xl2tpd-control man pages (Samir Hussain)
  • Update spec file with newest Soure0 and version (Samir Hussain)
  • Update License file (Samir Hussain)
  • Display PID for call in the logs (Samir Hussain)
  • Use left shift rather than pow() function. (Samir Hussain)
  • Enable Travis integration (Samir Hussain)
  • Remove unnecessary casting of malloc() results (Andrew Clayton)
  • Remove an unused line of code in init_config() (Andrew Clayton)
  • Fix some undefined behaviour in read_result() (Andrew Clayton)
  • Fix feature test macro deprecation warnings (Andrew Clayton)