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org-site: static site generator based on Emacs Org-mode


This project has been stopped as an experimentation to write a static site generator with Emacs Lisp. But still, I’ll keep the code here, just for demo.

I’ve found it’s not convenient to write such a thing with Emacs Lisp since I have to do a lot of hack such as defadvice and with-temp-buffer, etc to match out necessary part from org-mode files.

I’ve switched to Nanoc for my personal website, which is also used by GitHub for its GitHub Developer and GitHub Help.

If you still want a org-mode elisp-based solution, then org-page may be the only choice.



Org-site is a static site generator based on Emacs org-mode. provide a sample GitHub Pages hosted site generated by org-site.

It’s not designed to be a so-called static blog generator, however, org-site will support some simple wiki-like site generation.

Features of org-site:

  1. A convenient workflow without leaving Emacs
  2. Flexible template and theme design, with a default twitter bootstrap theme
  3. Automatic index page generation
  4. Commenting using disqus
  5. Easily switching between multiple org-site projects


Install libs

Org-site depends on some extra elisp libraries, to install these dependencies, I recommend you install el-get first, and then evaluate the following elisp code snippet in *scratch* buffer by typing C-j, C-x C-e or M-x eval-print-last-exp:

(let ((el-get-sources))
  (add-to-list 'el-get-sources
               '(:name org-site
                       :type github
                       :depends (mustache)
                       :pkgname "xiaohanyu/org-site"))
  (el-get 'sync (mapcar 'el-get-source-name el-get-sources))
  (require 'org-site))

That’s all, now let’s create our first org-site.


Org-site provides following shortcut commands to facilitate your workflow:

  • org-site-new-project: create a new org-site project.
  • org-site-load-project: load an existing org-site project and set it to the current org-site project.
  • org-site-new-post: create a new post page.
  • org-site-new-wiki: create a new wiki page.
  • org-site-publish: publish org-site to html site, other formats like pdf will be supported in future.

The basic workflow is org-site-new-project or org-site-load-project, then org-site-new-post, org-site-new-wiki, and then finally org-site-publish, that’s it.

Org-site internals

The basic directory structure of org-site project

When you org-site-new-project, you will get the following directory structure:		# about page of your site		# index page of your site
org-site-config.el	# org-site project config file
post			# post directory
wiki			# wiki directory

In org-site-config.el, you should set your basic information about your site, such as site url, site title, author name and email, disqus url/identifier, etc.

There’re two types of page in org-site, post and wiki. Generally, posts are updated one by one, while wikis are updated little by little. Later version of org-site will add some more flexible feature support and differentiation to these two different pages, but currently org-site treat them different but handle them the same.

Things about code

org-site is based heavily on org-mode, especially on org-publish and org-export-as-*. Internally, org-site do some monkey patching to org-export-as-* to support mustache template rendering, thus provide a flexible theme and customization support.


Preview your org-site in localhost

If you want to publish your org-site to public, you must set org-site-url to your real site url, see for a live example.

If you just want to preview your org-site in localhost, you can set org-site-url to “localhost”, then use things like python -m SimpleHTTPServer to provide a simple http localhost site.


  1. Emacs: Of course it needs Emacs
  2. Org mode: Another of course
  3. mustache.el: org-site use mustache as its template render engine.

And mustache.el depends following libs, so:

  1. ht.el: The missing hash table utility library for Emacs.
  2. loop.el: friendly imperative loop structures for Emacs lisp
  3. s.el: The long lost Emacs string manipulation library.
  4. dash.el: A modern list library for Emacs. This is required by mustache.el, not by org-site directly.


Feature enhancement

  • Add exportable pdf support
  • RSS export
  • Customizable TOC(Table of Contents)
  • Sidebar?
  • Org-mode code weave/tangle to support literate programming
  • A copiable, collapsible code block
  • Configurable org html source
  • Some more theme?
  • Site statistics, gravatar, etc.
  • Post Category/Tag support
  • Math/TeX/MathJax test and support
  • Localhost/Production support?
  • Search engine support

Project enhancement

  • Add an impressive(I hope that) github page generated by org-site itself, yeah.
  • Documentation work.
  • TDD support based on elisp ERT?


[Stopped] A static site generator based on Emacs Org-mode.




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