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@lu-zero lu-zero released this Dec 15, 2019 · 163 commits to master since this release


  • Faster, around 20% more compared to the last pre-release
    • More assembly optimizations from dav1d, mainly impacting AArch64
    • Forward transform SIMD, to be accounted for the largest part of this week speedup
    • Simplifications and refactoring in the Motion Estimation and Scene Change
  • Optional serialization/deserialization of the encoding parameters through the feature serialize
    • Optional cli advanced commands to use it.
  • The builds are now using the dwarf debug format for the targets that support it, before it was a mixture of dwarf and stabs due to the nasm defaults.


  • Segmentation support is now a tunable SpeedSetting and currently it is default off since it can produce desyncs.


  • #1903 - edge-of-frame miscomputation
  • #1858 - desync on speed 0 and 1 when certain quantizers are selected

Known issues

  • #1930 - segmentation encoding may cause desync
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