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UICB functions

UICB functions list. for “User Interface Call Backs”.
ex in the wmfsrc:func = "tag_next" ou func = "spawn" cmd = "urxvt -e vim"
ex in the wmfs -c status "<barname> ^s[<position>;<color>;next](1;tag_next)"
ex in your terminal: wmfs -c tag_next

  • system
    spawn launch a command. ex: func = "spawn" cmd = "urxvtc -e screen irssi".
    quit quit wmfs.
    reload reload wmfs.
  • infobar
    infobar_toggle_hide toggle infobar visibility. ex: func = "infobar_toggle_hide" cmd = "default" toggle hide the “default” infobar.
  • tags
    tag_set set tag by number. ex: func = "tag_set" cmd = "0" set tag to n°0(first tag).
    tag set tag by name. ex: func = "tag" cmd = "web" set tag to ‘web’.
    tag_next set next tag.
    tag_prev set previous tag.
    tag_client tag the client. ex func = "tag_client" cmd = "2" tag the client with n°2 (third tag).
    tag_client_and_set tag the client and set tag.
    tag_move_client_next tag the client with next tag.
    tag_move_client_prev tag the client with previous tag.
    tag_click display tag with a clic on tag button.
    tag_new add a tag.
    tag_del delete a tag.
  • layouts
    layout_vmirror vertical mirror tiling.
    layout_hmirror horizontal mirror tiling.
    layout_rotate_left tiling rotate anti-clockwise.
    layout_rotate_right tiling rotate clockwise.
    layout_prev_set back to previous set layout.
    layout_next_set go to next set layout.
    layout_integrate_left client integration in the left client zone.
    layout_integrate_right client integration in the right client zone.
    layout_integrate_top client integration in the top client zone.
    layout_integrate_bottom client integration in the bottom client zone.
  • clients
    client_close close the client.
    client_resize_right resize client from the right. ex: "client_resize_right" cmd = "-20" decrease the client from the right.
    client_resize_left resize client from the left. ex "client_resize_left" cmd = "20" increase the client from the left.
    client_resize_top resize client from the top.
    client_resize_bottom resize client from the bottom.
    client_focus_right move focus on the right.
    client_focus_left move focus on the left.
    client_focus_top move focus on top.
    client_focus_bottom move focus on bottom.
    client_tab_right move the client in tab on the right client.
    client_tab_left move the client in tab on the left client.
    client_tab_top move the client in tab on the top client.
    client_tab_bottom move the client in tab on the bottom client.
    client_swap_right swap client with the right client.
    client_swap_left swap client with the left client.
    client_swap_top swap client with the top client.
    client_swap_bottom swap client with the bottom client.
    client_focus_next move focus to the next client.
    client_focus_prev move focus to the previous client.
    client_swap_next swap client with the next client.
    client_swap_prev swap client with the previous client.
    client_untab untab the client.
    client_focus_next_tab move focus to next tab-client.
    client_focus_prev_tab move focus to previous tab-client.
    client_focus_click give focus to client with a clic.
    client_toggle_free toggle free the client.
    client_toggle_ignore_tag toggle ignore_tag the client.
    client_tab_next_opened open the client in a tab.
  • status
    status display the argument text in the statusbar.
    status_surface display a surface. can contain sequences.
  • mouse
    mouse_resize resize the client.
    mouse_move move the client.
    mouse_swap swap clients.
    mouse_tab tab the client.
  • screen
    screen_next go to next screen.
    screen_prev back to previous screen.
    screen_move_client_next move the client to next screen.
    screen_move_client_prev move the client to previous screen.
  • launcher
    launcher native prompt. ex: func = "launcher" cmd = "exec" display the “exec” launcher.
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