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Runs cocos console commands in the Atom editor.
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Cocos build for Atom

Runs cocos2d-x tasks like build, deploy, run, and release in the Atom editor. And captures build and runtime errors.

This package requires atom-build and cocos-console to be installed.

How It Works

A project are consider as a cocos2d-x project if there is a .cocos-project.json at project root. And it takes project_type key in this file for the project type (cpp|lua|js).

For Run simulator without build tasks, it find simulator executable name in:

  • in config.json for lua projects
  • name in manifest.webapp for js projects.

and runs debug build executables create by cocos compile -p mac|win32 as simulator.

Do make sure the above config are correct for your project and cocos compile -p mac|win32 commands works well.


Add Build Targets for Cocos2d-x Projects

Supports run build, deploy, run, and release tasks inside Atom.

Build targets for a Lua project:


Captures Build and Runtime Errors

  • Captures build errors and Lua script runtime errors.
  • Provides error link to source code.

Cpp build errors:

Cpp Errors

Lua runtime errors:

Lua Errors

Support Additional Configure in .cocos-project.json

Additional key for .cocos-project.json:

  • androidABI: Set APP_ABI for Android build, multiple abi can be set like armeabi-v7a:x86. Default armeabi.
  • androidStudio: Set true to build Android Studio project in rather than Default false.
  • iosCodeSignIdentity: iOS code sign identity used to run iOS: Release target. eg. iPhone Distribution: xxx... (XXXXXXXXXX).
  • luaEncrypt: Set false to disable encryption of Lua scripts when run Release targets. Default true.
  • luaEncryptKey: The key used to encrypt Lua scripts when run Release targets. Default 2dxLua.
  • luaEncryptSign: File signature for encrypted Lua script files when run Release targets. Default XXTEA


  1. Install atom-build and this atom-build-cocos package apm install build build-cocos.
  2. To setup cocos path you have two options either:
  • In Atom -> Preferences... -> Packages -> build-cocos -> Settings -> Set the Global cocos console path. eg: /Users/xpol/Workspace/cocos2d-x/tools/cocos2d-console.
  • Have a project local copy of cocos-console in you project in framewroks/cocos2d-x/tools/cocos2d-console.
  1. For Lua project
  • You need master branch of my fork of cocos-console (up vote this pending pull request to make it official) to run simulator and captures the runtime Lua errors.
  • Set Lua package path to have src/?.lua; rather than add src/ to FileUtils' search path, see example main.lua.
  • Make a xpcall to your main function and call os.exit(1) in error handler. see example main.lua.
  1. After that, in Atom open you project root directory which contains .cocos-project.json, run cmd-alt-t / ctrl-alt-t / f7 to displays the available build targets.
  2. Set .cocos-project.json:
  • Set iosCodeSignIdentity if you needs build iOS release ipa.
  • For lua projects, set luaEncrypt luaEncryptKey and luaEncryptSign to enable encryption for Lua scripts.
  • Android projects, set androidStudio if you want build in project in



package.path = 'src/?.lua;src/packages/?.lua'
local fu = cc.FileUtils:getInstance()
fu:addSearchPath("res/") -- only add 'res/' for cocos search path, do not add 'src/'.

local function main()
	-- your code here...

local traceback = __G__TRACKBACK__

function __G__TRACKBACK__(msg)
  os.exit(1) -- exit on error so that the error will be parsed by atom-build.

xpcall(main, __G__TRACKBACK__)


Ideas, bugs and pull requests please go to GitHub xpol/atom-build-cocos.

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