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New version of Xsolla Launcher (v2.0.0)

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  • Ability to run games in the offline mode. Now Xsolla Launcher supports offline games. If users start the offline game via Xsolla Launcher, they will be able to play it without the Internet connection.
  • Passing custom arguments to start the game. To start the game with custom arguments, pass these arguments while starting Xsolla Launcher. For example, launcher.exe -game-ID="ARGUMENT", where ID is the project ID from your Publisher Account, ARGUMENT is the needed argument.
  • Ability to set relative paths to games via config.json.
Object Description
relative_game_paths An array with relative paths to games added to Launcher.
relative_game_paths:id Project ID in Publisher Account.
relative_game_paths:region_code Game region code.
relative_game_paths:path The path to the game folder relative to the folder with Launcher installed.


  • UI customization flow. Now, Xsolla Launcher UI is configured with color themes. The local_theme.json file is used to fill color theme settings. See the [instruction] if you want to update your Xsolla Launcher to v2.0.0 or later.
  • Start page configuration flow. Now, the Launcher start page is configured in your Publisher Account.
  • Displaying the game downloading progress in kbit/s and Mbit/s.

How to Move Customization Settings to v2.0.0

There are two ways of moving customization settings: manually and using the command-line utility.

Manual Move: Recommended

Go to the description of objects in local_theme.json and replace your settings from UIStyle.json.

Using Command-Line Utility

The utility fills local_theme.json and UIStyle.json with your previous settings according to the new flow.

  1. Go to the portables\win\MigrationTool folder of the cloned repository.
  2. Run the launcher_migration_tool.exe utility and specify the path to the folder with Xsolla Launcher v1.6.38.365. If your Xsolla Launcher version is earlier, please update it to v1.6.38.365 first.
  3. Generate new Xsolla Launcher installer and check the result of customization locally.

How to Set up Start Page in v2.0.0

  1. Go to your Publisher Account > Launcher settings > General settings > Start page section and enable Show start page in Launcher.
  2. If you have the custom start page build, enable Use custom start page and upload your build.
  3. Go to Game setup > Project modules and add the start page content.

If your settings are filled in config.json, please replace them in your Publisher Account.

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